Rice Pudding Recipes

Traditionally, the most common method of creating rice pudding is by slow-cooking rice in milk (or sometimes just water), and flavoring it with sweeteners, spices like cinnamon and vanilla, and sometimes additional ingredients like citrus or liquor. Depending on how much sweetener is added, rice pudding can be consumed as a light breakfast, a hearty dessert, or a holiday meal. It may be served hot and creamy, or left to chill for hours and become solidified and "pudding" like. Enjoy our recipe collection for rice pudding. You'll find recipes for this deliciously versatile dish coming from countries and continents around the world.

About Rice and Rice Pudding:

Rice is one of the world's most widely consumed foods: it's cheap to produce, grows well in many climates, transports easily, and keeps for years. It's a perfect food to feed both the rich and the poor; and it's equally eaten by both. Rice pudding, a type of cooked rice dish with water or milk, sugar and spices, and various seasonings, remains as popular a dish as rice itself around the world—cultures in all continents enjoy their own variety of regional rice pudding.

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